What to do when Falsely Accused of a Crime

What to do when Falsely Accused of a Crime

If you have been accused or charged with a crime, it is a frustrating experience to say the least. It is important to protect yourself first and foremost. All too often individuals falsely accused of a crime fail to realize the severity of the accusations and the potential consequences that could result from those allegations. Do not be this person.

Why am I being Accused?

The one thing on the mind of anyone that is being falsely accused of a crime is why. There are many potential answers for that, but sometimes you’ll never know the reasoning. Sometimes people can identify the wrong suspect. The police may have interpreted evidence the wrong way. These are just a few reasons why people are charged with crimes they did not commit.


Legal Help is Imperative

If you are being charged with a crime that you did not commit, it is imperative that you talk to a lawyer at once. The sooner that you can retain an attorney the better. Together with the attorney you can collect physical evidence, including photographs, videos, and other physical objects, that may help prove that you did not commit the crime that you are being charged with.

Gather Evidence

Are there emails and text messages that may benefit your case? How about other documents, such as a letter or a financial record? If anything like this exists, make sure that you have copies and proof readily available to present to your lawyer. All of these things are important when your day in our arrives, and again, may help prove your innocence, which is the entire point of the matter.

In addition to getting all of these items together, it is also important that you make a list of potential evidence that is out there but not in your possession. For example, if there are bullets from a gun that were not recovered, make sure that this is noted.

Who Saw what Happened?

If there were witnesses to the event, make sure that this is also something that you let your lawyer know. It is important that witnesses are notified of the pending court case and potentially used to testify during the case.

Stop! Before you do these things

When you have been charged with a crime, make sure that you have anything and everything that pertains to the case inside of a special envelope or a box where it is easy to find and to keep safe. You do not want to throw any evidence away, even I you do not feel that it is beneficial to the case. Avoid contact with the victim. Even if you have questions or think that things can be worked out on their own, you do not want to strike any conversations with any of the victims in the case. Also make sure that your lawyer is present when you talk to anyone investigating the case. This includes law enforcement officers and witnesses.

The World’s most expensive Lawyer

Sometimes a lawyer is the one and only person we can turn to during certain events in our lives. Times such as those that require legal expertise and guidance come with a hefty price tag, but in the end most will tell you that it was well worth those costs since they avoided jail time or were finally able to succeed with that international adoption. If you think your lawyer is expensive, however, the cost of the following lawyers will blow your mind. The normal $100 – $200 an hour rates would be very much appreciated with one of these lawyers!

Howard K. Stern

Mr. Stern, who fathered a daughter with former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith, has a California based law firm where he practices various aspects of law, handling contracts with some very notable names. His hefty hourly rates can attract only those of an elevated status.

Robert Shapiro

Shapiro received his notary to fame after representing O.J. Simpson in his 1995 murder trial of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her alleged lover, Kato Kalyn. Shapiro has a net worth of about $50 million.

Stacy Gardner

Gardner started her career as a model but quickly turned to law, putting her smarts to work for her clients and for her pocketbook. Gardner has won some cases that seemed nearly impossible, helping her earn her high status and the ability to charge far above average rates to the clients that she represents.

Willie E Gary

Willie E Gary has a said net worth of more than $100 million. Gary is indeed talented, representing clients who’ve been injured in automobile accidents, through medical malpractice and more. Known as ‘The Giant Killer,’ Gary earned his reputation as a tough lawyer by bringing down some of corporate America’s biggest names when in court. He’s oftentimes ranked as one of the best lawyers in the world by Forbes magazine, representing some of the most elite individuals in the world.

Businessman is signing a contract, business contract details

Roy Black

A criminal and civil defense attorney, Roy Black represented Rush Limbaugh in a 1991 rape case, earning the radio personality an acquittal of the charges. Black has represented other big names in court as well, including Justin Bieber and Kelsey Grammar.

John Branca

John Branca is an entertainment and corporate lawyer. Branca has been included in every edition of the Best Lawyers in America publication and has represented some very big names in the industry, including Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and Berry Gordy, among others.

5 Reasons to Hire a Family Law Lawyer

When you think about a lawyer, it is likely that you think of criminal charges and an attorney keeping you out of hot water. But there are lawyers available to help you in many other instances in life, including with those matters closest to your heart.

Family law lawyers, as they are called, are available to help you deal with those most important matters in your life when legal issues arise. Family law lawyers handle a versatile assortment of matters involving personal issues in your life, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Adoption
  • Child Support

Wondering why you would need a family law lawyer in Birmingham to represent you in these matters? Take a look at these 5 reasons to hire a family lawyer for your legal matter.

  1. Family Lawyers make things Less Difficult

So many instances of family law are those that are very close to your heart. Sometimes emotions can stand in the way of the best decision being made, especially if you are trying to handle the case without a lawyer. With a lawyer, you have the confidence that the best decision is offered rather than one made with your very emotional mind and heart.

  1. Legal Experts

Whether you are adopting a child from China or getting a divorce, many laws exist that must be followed precisely. The common individual isn’t familiar with many of these laws, and that can harm your case. With the assistance of an attorney, that is no longer a worry.

  1. They Handle all the Paperwork

A family law lawyer handles all of the paperwork involved with your case. In many family law cases, there is an abundance of paperwork. One wrong mistake and you could cause major trouble in your case. With a lawyer that is one less thing for you to worry about.

  1. Courtroom Experience

Being inside of a courtroom in front of a judge can be a nerve-racking experience for any individual, especially when other factors come in to play, such as inadequate knowledge of the law. Attorneys have been in the courtroom many times in the past. They have the courtroom experience necessary to help you with your legal matter without worry.

law (1)

  1. Resolve your Matter Quicker

Sometimes you can spend an endless amount of time inside of a courtroom trying to resolve your case. With a lawyer representing you in court, you have the ability to speed your case up, and may not have to make every appearance in court.

Appealing a Criminal Conviction: It’s within your Rights

Have you been convicted of a criminal offense and feel the verdict was unjust? You have the right to file an appeal. An appeal filing allows your case to be reheard by a higher court than the original. There are several pieces of information that you should be aware of if you’re considering filing an appeal on your criminal conviction.


First, you may not present any new evidence at the appeal hearing. Only the evidence originally admitted at the court hearing will be considered for review during your appeal case hearing. If there is new evidence that you’d like to present, this is not allowed.

You have only a specified number of days in which to file the appeal. It is imperative that you file as quickly as possible after the original ruling to avoid this time expiring.

To file an appeal, you must obtain a Notice of Appeal form. This form is available for pick-up at the local courthouse. Many times the forms are also available on the web. The form must be filled out completely with accurate information. Once the form is complete, it should be returned to the court where you wish to file the appeal. Note that there is a docket fee that must be paid at this time. The amount of this fee varies from court to court and case to case, so it is important to check your local jurisdiction to learn the amount of filing the appeal.

The next step is to file a motion for appeal. This motion must be filed within 7 days of the Notice of Appeal filing. The motion must also be completed in its entirety, listing the reason why you wish to appeal the criminal case decision, if you have the same attorney or new legal counsel if you have an attorney at all and other important information.

If you plan to appeal your criminal case decision, it is a good idea to speak to a criminal lawyer, or to the lawyer that represented you in the last hearing. Criminal lawyers understand the rules and regulations of filing an appeal and can make the process far easier.

Once the steps above have been completed, you will receive a court date or the appeal hearing. If this is not received at the same time the motion is filed, a paper will arrive in the mail notifying you of this date.

Can you File a Lawsuit?

Can you File a Lawsuit?

It may be necessary to file a lawsuit if you seek damages from another individual that has resulted from their wrongdoing. There are many different instances that you might wish to file a lawsuit against a person, a business, or company. Before deciding that you want to file a lawsuit, you must first determine if you are eligible to file a lawsuit.

Businessman is signing a contract, business contract details
Businessman is signing a contract, business contract details
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to file a lawsuit in a court of law
  • Are you mentally component to sue? You must be deemed mentally component
  • Do you have a strong case? A strong case is one that is easily settled in court because you have the right evidence to support your lawsuit. Photographs, videos, signed contracts, etc. are all great pieces of evidence to have with you for a strong case in court.
  • Is there still time to sue the other party? Some cases have statute of limitations in place, or a certain amount of time in which you can file your lawsuit.

If you meet all of these requirements, there’s a good chance that filing a lawsuit may be in your best interest. You should now speak to a lawyer regarding you case. Even if you think that you know all that is needed to file a lawsuit, a lawyer can provide great insight into the matter, ensuring that you gain the legal expertise needed to win the most in your case. If you are filing a lawsuit against another person, isn’t this what you want?

Facts about Divorce
Facts about Divorce

With a lawyer it is possible that your case will not make it to court. Instead, a settlement may be reached, allowing you and the person that you are suing to agree upon conditions of the lawsuit without the need for a judge to arbitrate. If a settlement is not reached, you will need to go to court. If you win your case, the judge may order the plaintiff or the person that you are suing, to pay the amount you are requesting or another amount, depending on his final decision of the facts of the case.

Without a lawyer it is very hard to file a lawsuit against another person, and even more difficult to do so against a big company or corporation. Lawyers know the right way to win your settlement. If you plan to file a lawsuit, be sure to take advantage of a free lawyer consultation and hire the right lawyer to stand beside you in court!

What to Ask an Adoption Attorney

What to Ask an Adoption Attorney

Adoption placement agreement
Adoption placement agreement

When contemplating adoption, speaking to a lawyer who specializes in adoption is an excellent idea. Some types of adoption require that an attorney be present, including independent and private adoption. Even when it is not required to hire an attorney, their adoption expertise can make this sometimes challenging process far more bearable.

Choosing an Adoption Attorney

The most important factor when hiring an attorney to assist with an adoption is their specialization. It is important to hire only an adoption attorney since they possess the knowledge and expertise in this genre that other attorneys do not. You can call the local chapter of the American Bar Association for a recommendation of an adoption attorney. Family and friends as well as co-workers may also be of great assistance when you want to find a great adoption attorney.

Free Consultation

Once you’ve narrowed down the available lawyers, take advantage of the free consultation offered. Almost all lawyers offer this consultation. You can choose to take advantage of as many consultations as you’d like until the perfect adoption attorney has been found. There is no obligation to take advantage of this consultation and helps both you and the attorney. It gives you the chance to learn whether the attorney is compatible to your needs. The lawyer gains a better understanding of your case and helps you better understand what they can do for you.

Questions for the Adoption Attorney

There are a few questions to ask the attorney’s hat you choose to meet with, and of course the lawyer that you choose to hire. Here are some of the most important of those questions.pic_part_time_law_degree_london

  1. Do you specialize in adoption? It is important that you choose only a lawyer who specializes in adoption. This is usually a family law lawyer.
  2. How many adoption cases have you handled? Although the lawyer may be unable to give an exact number, you can get a better idea of the amount of time they’ve spent in the courtroom with this information.
  3. How many of your adoption cases have been finalizes? Have you had any adoptions overturned? If so what was the reason?
  4. What is your charge for adoption services? What does this cost cover?
  5. Do you have requirements for adoptive parents? This could include marital status, age, income, etc.
  6. How long does the adoption process generally take?
  7. Are the birth parents involved in the adoption?
  8. Do you offer any type of pre-adoption services?

Final Thoughts

It is a good idea to prepare a list of questions that you’d like to ask the attorney before you head into the office. It is easy to forget a question , and adoption is far too important of a task to miss any important information. The right attorney will be more than happy to cover all of the questions listed above and more. Their ultimate goal is to handle your matter with the care and concern that you deserve during this new transition in your life.

Facts about Divorce

Facts about Divorce
Facts about Divorce

If you are contemplating divorce from your spouse, take a look at the following divorce facts. Some are interesting, others are shocking, but they’re all sure to serve value to you during this difficult time in your life.

  • Divorce rates in the US are as high as 50% for first-time marriages. Even though this rate is high, divorce rates in Belgium are higher, at 75%.
  • On average it takes one year to complete a divorce from start to finish. The average person will spend 18 months getting over that divorce.
  • Having a divorce lawyer on your team during a divorce can make the event much less stressful. Divorce lawyers ensure that you are making the right decisions and those things are being handled fairly.


  • Couples who live together before marriage have much higher divorce rates than couples who waited until after marriage to move in together.
  • In 2011, 1/3 of all divorces had the word ‘Facebook’ listed in the divorce decree papers.
  • If you think that it is costing you an arm and a leg to get divorced, consider that the world’s most expensive divorce ever recorded cost a whopping $2.5 billion.
  • Ronald Reagan is the only U.S. President to ever divorce.
  • A study concluded that the more expensive the wedding, the higher likeliness of divorce.
  • Speaking of money, this is also the number one reason that couples argue, and divorce.
  • Nearly half of all U.S. households are run by a single parent.
  • Hispanic, African American and low-income individuals have higher divorce rates than others.
  • Approximate 75% of all divorce proceedings in the U.S. are contested divorces, or those which both parties involved cannot agree on the dissolution of the marriage.
These are just some of the many interesting facts about divorce that can make it a little easier for you to deal with. Ask your divorce lawyer if you want to learn more.

5 Tips for Applying for Law School


As you get ready to apply for law school, after obtaining your undergraduate degree, follow these tips to increase your chances of getting into the law school you are most interested in. Practicing law can be both challenging and rewarding. Take the time to ensure you get into the best school possible. Use these 5 tips for applying for law school.

5 – Register for the LSAT

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test), is the standardized test that all applicants will take before applying for law school. The schools that you apply at will use these scores when determining which students to accept into their program. All American Bar Association accredited schools will require you to have passed the LSAT. Register for the test and begin taking practice exams. The test will include questions designed to measure your verbal reasoning skills and your reading skills. The test is available to take 4 times a year, so be prepared before you take it.

4 – Study for the LSAT

LawUntil you take the LSAT, you should never really stop studying for it. It may help to take a preparatory class to learn more about the types of questions included on the test. A 180 is a perfect score and you should do everything you can to obtain as high of a score as possible. After taking a number of different practice tests, when you feel that you are ready to pass the test, register to take the test. You will use your score on your application when you start applying to law schools.



3 – Choose Your Law Schools Carefully

When you start choosing the law school that you want to apply to, carefully consider the pros and cons of each. Only choose schools that are considered American Bar Association accredited law schools. If you want to remain competitive after law school, you will want a degree from a recognizable school that is ABA accredited. As you build your list of schools that you would like to apply to, divide them into 3 separate categories. You should have your Primary, Secondary, and Safety schools. Primary schools are the main schools that you would like to get into, even if you do not think that odds are in your favor. Secondary schools are schools that you would be happy getting into and that you are more likely to fit the requirements of the average student. Safety schools are schools that you should have no problem getting into, and are used as a safety, in case you do not get accepted into any of your primary or secondary choices.

2 – Research Your Schools

Some schools have costly application fees. This means that you may be limited in the number of schools you can afford to apply to. In these situations, you should make sure that you have a couple of schools in each of the categories above. If you can only afford to apply to 6 schools, it would be inconvenient if all 6 were primary choices and you do not get into any. Use online resources to research each school and look at lists rating the top law schools in the country. Find out what past students have to say, and also look into information from law firms and what law schools they tend to hire out of.

1 – Send Out Applications

6840780_xl1Before you send out your applications, use your LSAC account to thoroughly go over every requirement for each application. Make sure you have included all your extracurricular activities, listed your GPA, your LSAT score, and any other information that is needed. Have someone else proofread your applications to ensure there are no errors. Then check them again yourself before having them proofread another time. Send out your applications and wait for responses from all before accepting enrollment in one of your lower tier choices.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to increase your chances of getting into a good law school. Take the time to research the schools you want to go into, and then get ready to spend several years studying law before you can begin seeking employment as a lawyer.